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Gender Diversities

Brenna Friesner
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Manga and Manhwa with Gender Diverse Characters

Gender Vocabulary


a manga character who is androgynous


a male manga character who is both beautiful and gender ambiguous


a manga character who contains sex characteristics of both genders


a male manga character who is surrounded by members of the opposite sex, often having to disguise his gender to blend in


a manga character who magically transforms into another character or gender

Jendaa Bendaa

a manga character who acts or dresses in a way that "bends" their expected gender role


a manga character who cross dresses (Keuloseudeuleseo - Korean)


a female manga character who is a tomboy


a male manga character who likes female things

Reverse Harem

a female manga character who is surrounded by members of the opposite sex, often having to disguise her gender to blend in


a manga character who is transgender

Akahori, Satoru. Kashimashi : Girl Meets Girl.

Seven Seas, 2006. 192p. $10.99. 978-1933164342. Hazumu has the chance to win the affections of girl-loving Yasuna when an alien spaceship lands on him, and he is put back together as a girl. (henshin, jendaa bendaa)

Emura. W Juliet.

VIZ Media LLC, 2004. 184p. $8.99. 978-1591165989. Tomboyish Ito has been chosen to play Romeo opposite the beautiful new transfer student, Makota, who happens to be hiding his gender for a secret reason. (bishōnen, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa, otenba)

Fukuyama, Ryoko. Nosatsu Junkie.

TokyoPop, 2006. 192p. $9.99. 978-1598166545. Naka, the agency's worst model, has a chance to be trained by the agency's best model when she accidentally discovers that her rival is a boy in disguise. (hāremumono, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa)

Hatori, Bisco. Ouran High School Host Club.

VIZ Media LLC, 2005. 184p. $8.99. 978-1591169154. Scholarship student, Haruhi, is blackmailed into becoming an escort for her school's super elite, all-boy Host Club. Little do they know, the androgynous Haruhi is actually a girl! (andorojiin, bishōnen, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa, reverse harem)

Hayakawa, Tomoko. The Wallflower.

Del Rey, 2004. 224p. $10.95. 978-0345479129. Four beautiful male boarders are promised a chance to live rent free in a mansion if they can provide the ultimate makeover for the owner's frightening niece. (bishōnen, reverse harem)

Kanno, Aya. Otomen.

VIZ Media LLC, 2009. 208p. $9.99. 978-1421521862. Asuka must hide his girlish hobbies from his mother after his transvestite father abandons them. But his romantic side keeps popping out as he falls for tomboy, Ryo. (jendaa bendaa, otomen)

Kawahara, Kazune. High School Debut.

VIZ Media LLC, 2008. 192p. $9.99. 978-1421514819. Tomboy, Haruna, decides to put all of her sporty energy into finding a high school boyfriend with the help of a boyfriend coach. (jendaa bendaa, otenba)

Mizushiro, Setona. After School Nightmare.

Go! Media Entertainment, 2006. 200p. $10.99. 978-1933617169. When Ichijou is asked to join a special after-school class, he must confront his darkest secret - that he is both male and female - in order to graduate. (futanari, jendaa bendaa)

Nakajo, Hisaya. Hana Kimi.

VIZ Media LLC, 2004. 184p. $8.96. 978-1591163299. Mizuki manages to get herself transferred to an all boy's school to be close to her sports idol, Izumi. Things get complicated when Mizuki is placed with Izumi as his roommate. (kurosudoresaa, jendaa bendaa, reverse harem)

Nishimori, Hiroyuki. Cheeky Angel.

VIZ Media LLC, 2004. 200p. $9.95. 978-1591163978. A genie mishears Megumi's wish to be the "manliest man on earth" and instead turns him into the "womanliest woman on earth." Tough talkin' Megumi continues to pick fights with local punks looking like the hottest girl in high school. (henshin, jendaa bendaa)

Seino, Shizuru. Girl Got Game.

TokyoPop, 2004. 176p. $9.99. 978-1591826965. Kyo is pressured by her father to join Seisyu High School as a boy so she can compete on their famous basket ball team. (jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa, reverse harem)

Shigematsu, Takako. Tenshi ja nai!! I'm No Angel!

Go! Comi, 2005. 200p. $10.99. 978-0976895718. When introverted Hikaru transfers to an all-girls academy, the last thing she expects is to have the super-popular TV idol, Izumi Kido, for a roommate. Nor does she expect Izumi will blackmail her into keeping a secret - she's a he! (hāremumono, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa)

Shimura, Takako. Wandering Son.

Fantagraphics, 2011. 192p. $15.93. 978-1606994160. Two fifth graders attending the same school - a girlish boy and a boyish girl - prefer to live in the other gender. (kurosudoresaa, jendaa bendaa, toransugendaa)

Takahashi, Rumiko. Ranma 1/2.

VIZ Media LLC, 2003. 304p. $9.95. 978-1569319628. When the martial arts wielding teen, Ranma, falls into the cursed "spring of the drowned girl" he turns into a woman every time he encounters cold water. This suits his fiancé, Akane, perfectly - she hates men, and Ranma is only a man 1/2 the time! (henshin, jendaa bendaa)

Tsuda, Mikiyo. The Day of Revolution.

Digital Manga Publishing, 2006. 174p. $11.66. 978-1569708903. Kei discovers he has the chromosomes of a female, and decides to enroll at school as a girl. (futanari, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa, toransugendaa)

Tsuda, Mikiyo. Princess Princess.

Digital Manga Publishing, 2006. 208p. $12.95. 978-1569708569. Toru is elected to be a "princess" for his all boys school, and in exchange for money and benefits, he must dress up as a woman and cheer for school events. (bishōnen, jendaa bendaa, kurosudoresaa)

Yazawa, Ai. Paradise Kiss.

TokyoPop, 2002. 184p. $9.99. 978-1931514606. Bookish Yukari is kidnapped by a group of fashion students and is compelled by their beautiful lead designer, George, to become their model. (bishōnen, jendaa bendaa)


Kim, Seyoung. Boy Princess.

NETCOMICS, 2006. 200p. $8.99. 978-1600090301. After the princess flees from an arranged marriage, her parents dress up their younger son to marry the handsome prince. (keuloseudeuleseo)

Lee, YunHee. Angel Diary.

Yen Press, 2005. 180p. $13.29. 978-8952744678. Upon hearing she must marry the Emperor of the Underworld, the Princess of Heaven must hide on earth as a boy. (keuloseudeuleseo)

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