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Annotated Bibliography of Books by Category

Level identifier in parentheses at end of descriptions
PB – picture book,
I – intermediate (most can be read to primary),
M – middle school,
H – high school.


"When Institutions Are Libel for Bullying." The ALAN Review Winter 2014

book cover Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

HarperCollins, 2011. Set in Cambodia at the moment the Khmor Roughe starts herding the people out of the cities and into the fields, Arn, his aunt, sisters and brother try to survive though they are separated first by generation and then by gender. Before very long, Arn is on his own and realizes that if he wants to live he must become a Khomr soldier. M/H

My husband and I have visited one of the killing fields in Cambodia, walked across the ground where thousands died, their broken bones mixed into the soil, saw glass-cases filled with skulls, and in the trees, loudspeakers that blared music to cover the screams of people being bludgeoned to death. Children had stood by, waiting to push the bodies into the trenches before of them.


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