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Bystanders / Witnesses

Level identifier in parentheses at end of descriptions
PB – picture book,
I – intermediate (most can be read to primary),
M – middle school,
H – high school.

book cover The Bully Blockers Club by Teresa Bateman, Illustrator Jackie Urbanovic

Grant Grizzly decides to pick on Lotty and after several days of the harassment, her parents notice something is wrong. Though her dad calls the school-things don't change until Lolly comes up with her own plan. After observing Grant on the playground as he bullies other kids, she asks these kids if they would like to form a club to support each other whenever Grant picked on one of them. As their club grew, Grant's power diminished and eventually he started being nice.

I like the way this book empowers the bystanders who are also the targets. They learned how to take care of each other and that spreads to other kids, even the bully. I also like that the author showed that parents trying to fix a bully problem rarely works and does not empower their child. This great book supports the research on bullying; not all picture books do so. Albert Whitman & Company, 2004. P/B


book cover

Egghead by Caroline Pignat. Red Deer Press, 2008. This book clearly presents the feelings of the target, Will; the bystander, his friend Kate, and the bully's thug, Devan, as they find a way to become friends. (M)

book cover

Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia. Amistad, 2009. The lives of three sophomore girls intersect on the day Leticia overhears Dominique threaten to beat up Trina after school. (M/H)

book cover

Not My Fault by Leif Kristiansson and illustrated by Dick Stenberg. Heryin Books, 2006. Told in the voices of children witnessing bullying and not knowing what to do, the book ends first with the question “Does it have anything to do with me?” and then black and white photographs from history around the world where the action of bystanders was and is needed. (M/H)

book cover

What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci. Harcourt, 2002. Claire McKenzie tells the story of her friend Lani Garver’s brief stay on Hackett Island, where most of the island is trying to decide if Lani is a he or a she. Told in flashbacks, Lani, wise, sensitive, and courageous, died at the hand of the island’s rednecks before the book opens.

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